Vinyl Corner

After dreaming of a vinyl player for years, I finally decided to get one.

I bought a Rega Planar 2 turntable, which is connected via Rega Fono Mini A2D pre-amp to the line-in connector of a Sonos Play 5 speaker.

The setup is not perfect though as the pre-amp doesn’t have a volume output control at all. The only way to adjust the volume is to access the room settings in the Sonos app and change line-in level from there. The built-in volume control in Sonos is disabled for line-in signal. Maybe I’ll get a better pre-amp some day.

The shelf is made by KomodaFurniture.

My vinyl corner

My vinyl corner

I really like how my setup looks like. The sound of a record feels very different after getting used to digital streaming services, but it’s very much subjective anyway. Some people think that the sound of a vinyl record is close to perfection, while digital signal will always be inferior. I don’t have strong opinion about it, but I sometimes like to do things in an old fashioned way. Browsing through the records in your shelf feels very different to browsing through Spotify playlists.

A spinning record looks insanely cool! Can you achieve that with any streaming service?


I was born in Finland, but I moved abroad in the end of 2014. That was my long time dream that had been bothering me since my early 20’s. So far I haven’t really wanted to move back.

Today I’m flying to Finland for a holiday. It’s a little bit special trip for me as I haven’t been there in over 15 months. That’s the longest period I’ve been away from my home country.

I am most likely going to experience a culture shock as that’s how it’s been in the previous visits. The emptiness, the quietness, not much diversity, doors that open to the wrong direction, insanely expensive restaurants and the fact that you can’t ignore what people are talking around you. It’s a massive cognitive overload.

On the other hand, I’m very much looking forward seeing my old friends and catch up with them, but also to see the relatives, especially the ones that weren’t even born when I moved away.

Without Alcohol

After going to Slovenia for Metaldays festival, I decided to take a little break and be without alcohol for few weeks. At the same time I also reduced my carb intake below 100g in a day.

I’ve lost 4kg in 3.5 weeks and I’ve been much more productive than normally. I’ve probably had more GitHub activity during these few weeks than during the last few years altogether!

Despite not drinking alcohol, I’ve managed to participate in some social activities. I’ve went to a board game evening, scored the third place in a pub quiz with the team, and I even went to former workmate’s farewell party.

So yes, it is possible to live a social lifewithout drinking. The problem is the other people who are drinking as they will become slightly annoying when they get drunk. Who would have thought that?