Wintersun – Eternal Darkness (Autumn)

Wintersun wanted to start a crowdfunding campaign to make an album and to build a professional studio. Many people were laughing, including me. I was thinking why should I spend any money to support their goals. Shouldn’t an artist just create art without worrying too much about the commercial success?

The sad truth is that also the artist has to pay the bills. Without fans who are spending their savings in merchandise and records, the artist would not be able to make a living. Music industry only provides wealth to few people who stay on the top of the charts.

I decided to spend 50€ without expecting to get any value for my money.  I was positively surprised as The Forest Seasons is the best album Wintersun has made so far.

If you believe in something, you need to work hard to reach your goal. Everybody will be laughing at you in the beginning. When you succeed, they will praise your achievements and you have created something amazing.

Never stop believing in yourself.