Winter is Coming

It’s getting colder and colder. This very long song always reminds me of winter. I fell in love with Moonsorrow in the beginning of 2007 when I was living in Tampere, 2 hours north of Helsinki. It’s probably one of the best places to live in Finland. Big enough to have everything you need, but small enough to have the atmosphere of a small town.

When I moved to Helsinki (actually Vantaa) in 2008, I really learned to hate the winter. On the southern coast of Finland the winter is dark, sometimes rainy, and the temperature is jumping up and down. The streets are always covered in either slush or ice. It’s wet and slippery and the winds from the Baltic Sea will blow through your thickest layers of winter clothing. It’s a horrible place to live.

In the northern part of the country it’s different as everything is covered in snow, which reflects light. It’s easier to survive the 6-month-long winter when the darkness doesn’t crush your soul as badly.

Winter in Central Europe is not that long as in Finland, but it’s mostly cloudy and grey, darkness and rain. Temperature stays usually above the freezing point, but -10ºC is not that rare in Berlin. In the end it’s not that different to the winters in Helsinki, but the days are a bit longer and the spring will come 2 months earlier. That already makes a huge difference!

Maybe we’ll get some snow this year?