I was born in Finland, but I moved abroad in the end of 2014. That was my long time dream that had been bothering me since my early 20’s. So far I haven’t really wanted to move back.

Today I’m flying to Finland for a holiday. It’s a little bit special trip for me as I haven’t been there in over 15 months. That’s the longest period I’ve been away from my home country.

I am most likely going to experience a culture shock as that’s how it’s been in the previous visits. The emptiness, the quietness, not much diversity, doors that open to the wrong direction, insanely expensive restaurants and the fact that you can’t ignore what people are talking around you. It’s a massive cognitive overload.

On the other hand, I’m very much looking forward seeing my old friends and catch up with them, but also to see the relatives, especially the ones that weren’t even born when I moved away.