The Long Break

Once again I totally forgot to write anything on this blog. Nothing unheard of though.

I had a longer break in writing for various reasons.

Reason number one might have been pure laziness, but I also got a new laptop and I didn’t want to spend too much time installing apps and configuring my development environemtn. Only the ones that I couldn’t live without. This blog requires quite a few moving bits and wasn’t on the top of the priority list.

I abandoned my trusted old MacBook Pro because it started having weird crash issues and the battery was bulging. I did spill water on it 6 months earlier and I think it might have caused some internal damage. Now I have a MacBook Air which is not very powerful, but it’s lightweight and beautiful. Good enough for me, I’d say. I don’t really need a powerful computer at home!

Another reason was that I moved houses. I actually moved together with my girlfriend, which wasn’t really something I was expecting to happen if you had asked me one year ago. Well, here we are now!